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CUHK Shenzhen
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About Me

Enchantée! I’m Yongting (陈泳廷). I am a master’s student at CUHK Shenzhen working on volumetric video streaming and network management and security. Previously, I received my B.Eng. from Beijing University of Technology.

I would be happy if you are interested in any of my research. I am open to discuss via email or t.me/cytvictor.

Research Interests

Ongoing Projects



  1. [SIGCOMM ’24] ConfMask: Enabling Privacy-Preserving Configuration Sharing via Anonymization
    Yuejie Wang, Qiutong Men, Yao Xiao, Yongting Chen, Guyue Liu
    ACM SIGCOMM 2024 Conference · pdf
  2. [Preprint] Hulk: Human-Centered Live Volumetric Video Streaming System
    Kaiyuan Hu, Yongting Chen, Kaiying Han, Junhua Liu, Yili Jin, Boyan Li, Fangxin Wang
    IEEE VR 2024 Poster · pdf
  3. [MM ’23] Understanding User Behavior in Volumetric Video Watching: Dataset, Analysis and Prediction
    Kaiyuan Hu, Haowen Yang, Yili Jin, Junhua Liu, Yongting Chen, Miao Zhang, Fangxin Wang
    ACM MM 2023 · pdf

Teaching and Services




Long and strange domain, right? Find out more in the domain trace here.

AS4842 Operator: Initially a research-purpose network, it now present PoPs in Asia, Europe and North America, along with connectivity to HKIX and Seattle IX (SIX). 自主不可控灵车网络.jpg

foobar Academy: I was elected as an fellow of foobar Academy in 2021.

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